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Cutting Edge Energy can design & develop static and mobile power structures and self-powered networking solutions.

Our products are designed and constructed for the harshest environments. All steel parts are powder coated. We use the best components in the industry such as Outback, Morningstar, and Mage. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA including our solar panels. We use only sealed, solar specific, AGM batteries, sized for worst case conditions. Our products are infinitely customizable for your needs.

P-06 Mobile Tower

This Solar powered radio tower is street towable, extends to a 25ft tall tower when deployed, and is designed to power mesh network nodes.

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The P-06 is designed to be a self-powered portable tower for POE mesh networks. It has battery capacity to run most systems for ten days in the dark, and the batteries can be completely recharged in approximately two days of sunshine. The unit is street towable, can be fitted with many types of radio systems, and can be deployed by one man in 20 minutes or less using only one tool.

Download PDF Stat Sheet on the P-06

P-46 Mobile Tower

This mobile tower is similar to the P-06, but has twice as many solar panels for uses requiring additional power or for use in areas north of the 95th parallel.

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Street towable due to additional bracing, the P-46 with four 190 Watt solar panels is perfect for use as both a radio tower and a power supply. It can also completely recharge itself in only one day of sunshine, and has the additional power required to run multiple accessories such as IP cameras and other monitoring equipment.

Download PDF Stat Sheet on the P-46

S-06 Telephone pole mounted system

A permanent or semi-permanent power supply for communications systems mounted on a telephone pole.

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The S-06 telephone pole mount device is customizable in many ways, including having the ability to mount from 2 to 6 190 watt solar panels. This system mounts quickly to any standard telephone pole with six ½" grade 5 through bolts. The device comes ready to power any POE mesh network node, but can run any type of radio, cellular, or satellite communications system, and can also power and relay information from multiple data collection sensors.

Download PDF Stat Sheet on the S-06



Technical information on the high-quality MAGE solar panels we use in our products.

Download PDF Stat Sheet on MAGE Solar Panels


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